The starting point

Megatrends such as digitization, automation, electrification and job-sharing are so disruptive that thousands of jobs will be lost in the next years. In addition, a severe shortage of skilled workers occurs in some segments, which cannot be saturated. For younger generations (Gen Y, Gen Z, Gen α), there is the desire to develop freely and unattached to the industry for a period of time.

Organizations today extensively use e-recruitment to invite applications for searching and hiring talented individuals. A majority of the studies have focused on the issues surrounding the design adequacy of websites, exploring the factor affecting perceptions of applicants towards the credibility of messages propagated through websites, correlating with the high fluctuation and replacement costs at companies.

Our vision

We bring self-awareness to all young talents!

Our mission

Empower young talents to develop their self-awareness for business, based on their motivational behavior and impact competency.
We are convinced that knowing your strengths will empower you to define your next steps wisely.

For companies, on the other hand, we offer the support to better communicate towards and include young talents in their medial presence,
driving the cultural shift.


We support the personal and career development of young talents. The human is at the center of our focus.


We support healthy habits empowering talents from early on. Health is at our foundation for success in Job and Life.


We provide perspectives to drive from early on, life long learning environments.


We offer a secured environment and trusted network to help young talents find their path independent of their origin.

Our team

Riccardo Virga

Founder - Business

Riccardo is the Founder of Perspectora and drives the Business, Product and Sales related activity forward.

Riccardo has acquired a broad experience in Business Development working 20+ years through the value chain of companies in varying positions up to Director level, holding a Master in Business Engineering.

The inner call came more than three years ago, thinking about the change in recruitment and flexible work. He is a talented, cooperative team lead who never stops to support his partners.


Felix Pfreundtner

Technology advisor

Felix is the Technology Advisor, part of Generation Y and pace setter for the system architecture of Perspectora. 

His expertise combines business, arts and technology acquired through self study, failures, standups and inspiring universities (Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Communication Studies, Business Administration & Economics).

Looking out for a meaningful journey after his last project, Felix joined Riccardo for supporting Perspectora.

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